Meet the winners of the 2018 Performance Excellence Awards

The following groups were recognized at the inaugural Executive’s Performance Excellence Awards, held November 26, 2018. These awards recognize projects, improvements, and innovations in departments that are driving exceptional, measurable results.

Pictured: Cost Award winners, Fleet Diagnostics (DOT/Fleet)

Meet the winners: Cost – Fleet Diagnostics (DOT/Fleet) 

Project Team: Erik Ferkingstad, Chris Gavigan, Cindy Kittleston, Isaac Wisdom 

Problem: In most cases, heavy-duty vehicles with a “check engine” light had to be diagnosed before they could be driven. Non-drivable vehicles were towed to the Renton Shop or the field mechanic had to go to the Renton Shop to get the diagnostic computer. The Renton Shop was the only location with diagnostic software. Click for more. 


Pictured: Service Award winners, Missed Trip Reduction (Metro Transit)

Meet the winners: Service – Missed Trip Reduction (Metro Transit) 

Project Team: Carri Brezonick, Dennis Lock, Terry White 

Problem: In February 2017, Metro missed 332 trips because no operator was available. The direct cause was a lack of part-time operators to fill these trips. Union contract rules required full-time operators be hired from the part-time pool, therefore reducing the number of part-time operators. Space and hiring constraints made it difficult to get drivers hired and trained to replenish the pool of part-time operators. Click for more. 


Pictured: People Award winners, Part-Time Employment Program, Public Health

Meet the winners: People – Part-Time Employment Program (Public Health) 

Project Team: Andre Chevalier, Jerry DeGrieck, Melody Latshaw, Juan Padilla, Keith Seinfeld, Jamie Siev 

Problem: How to create a part-time employment program that would be financially feasible. The team hypothesized that part-time employment would improve morale, would reduce absences, and could be managed with minimal cost. Click for more. 


Pictured: Equity and Social Justice Award winners, Leveling the Playing Field for Community Based Organizations (DCHS and Public Health)

Meet the winners: Equity & Social Justice – Leveling the Playing Field for Community Based Organizations (DCHS & Public Health) 

Project Team: Andrea Akita, Dan Brandes, Sheila Capestany, Chris D’Abreau, Jen DeYoung, Bonnie Fluckinger, David Gistarb, Hannah Johnson, Vittoria Lin, Megan McJennett, Marcy Miller, Tino Salud, Sarah Wilhelm, Alex Yoon 

Problem: Talking with Community Based Organizations, barriers to funding opportunities were revealed in our own Request For Proposal (RFPs) and contracting processes, including the application process is complex and difficult to navigate, smaller organizations may not have staff with grant-writing expertise, RFPs were complex and led with legal language, and cost-based contracts created barriers for smaller organizations. Click for more. 


Pictured: Environment Award winners, North Utilities Net-Zero Energy Project (DNRP/Parks)

Meet the winners: Environment – North Utilities Net-Zero Energy Project (DNRP/Parks) 

Project Team: David Broustis, Tim Darling, Jennifer Kim, Clayton Kolb, John Mabry, Frank Overton, Parks Grounds Crew, Parks Crafts Crew 

Problem: In the existing North Utilities Shop complex, the opportunities had to be carefully evaluated to reduce energy use enough to be offset by the solar power generated on the available roof space, cost effectively. As a further challenge, the facility’s energy use recently rose 15% when the shop began to fabricate metal park bollards (posts). Click for more.