Executive Services uses All Hands to discuss values and priorities

Department of Executive Services (DES) employees got together last week to welcome new colleagues and learn more about King County’s priority initiatives at their sixth annual All-Hands Meetings.

The All-Hands Meeting, held across a morning and afternoon session to facilitate as much participation as possible, was hosted at the Seattle Central Library’s auditorium in downtown Seattle.

DES Director Caroline Whalen kicked off each session by welcoming members from the Fleet and Airport Divisions, who officially joined DES in January.


Employees spent some time learning about some of King County Executive Dow Constantine’s key priorities – Equity and Social Justice, Confronting Climate Change, and Best-Run Government – and heard from some subject matter experts on how the County is tackling these areas.

They also played an interactive game show-style activity called “Name That Value,” which gave them a sneak preview into the Executive’s values for the County, which will be launched later this year.

Executive Constantine attended the morning session with Chief Operating Officer Casey Sixkiller, and spoke about his True North, a single guiding statement that gives direction to the County’s work and ties all of it together. Deputy County Executive Rachel Smith attended the afternoon session and provided her insight into the True North statement. The True North will also be rolled out later this year.


Playing the Name That Value game.