May is Mental Health Month

Whitney Abrams, Chief People Officer, King County Executive Office

Dear employee,

May is national Mental Health Month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of mental health to our overall health and well-being, and to our community.

Talking about and acknowledging mental health can be difficult and awkward, yet mental health is as important to our well-being as physical health. As the World Health Organization says, “there is no health without mental health.”

Silence and stigma are two of the biggest barriers to people getting the care they need. Employees, family, and friends may struggle in silence, or not know where to turn for help.

Together we can help change this by being compassionate, understanding colleagues, and working to create a culture of hope, inclusion, and support here at King County.

Mental Health Month is a great opportunity for all of us to strengthen our understanding of the importance of mental health and to learn about resources available to us and the people we care about. Balanced You has compiled this webpage with tools to help you recharge, build resilience, and get care for mental health, substance use, and other concerns. You will also find links to learn more about mental health, equip yourself to support people you care about, and inspire you to find your voice.

Whether mental health issues impact us personally, are present with us our whole lives or during a particularly challenging time, or these issues afflict our friends, co-workers, or families, I don’t believe there is any one of us who has not been impacted and suffered hardship. I am not different in this regard, and I strive to be a person who seeks to learn, help, heal, and de-stigmatize something that impacts virtually all of us.

We are stronger as an organization and a community when everyone has the opportunity to thrive, to be at their best, and feel their best. Hope, compassion, and recovery are all around us – in our co-workers, in our families, in ourselves – as are the resources to help one another and ourselves.

As a King County employee, and as the Chief People Officer for this 14,000-employee organization, I am continuously proud of the way we support each other, both on a daily basis and during challenging times. Thank you for continuing to care for and support one another and the people we serve.




Whitney Abrams,
Chief People Officer