Summer is heating up – and so should your water safety planning 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

According to climate scientists, chances are it’s going to be a hotter summer than typical across King County. Hot weather brings people out to our region’s lakes, rivers and salt water areas looking to cool off and have fun.  But the more folks flock to beaches and rivers, the higher the likelihood that more people will drown, both fatally and non-fatally. There have been seven child and youth drowning deaths since 2015.  In 2018, 16 people lost their lives on King County waters. The Insider sat down with Tony Gomez, Public Health’s Violence and Injury Prevention Manager, to learn five simple tips to stay safe this summer at area beaches and rivers: 

Swim only at a lifeguarded beaches.  According to Tony, it’s easy to miss the signs of a drowning person. It can happen without a sound:  For children and adults who are not strong swimmers and even with better swimmers, drowning can happen quickly and without drawing notice. 

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