Untold Stories: Lunch and Learn, Sept. 10 

As part of the Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Initiative, King County government has prioritized race to address the historical and persistent inequities in our communities. Such inequities are experienced by the county’s own employees, both on and off the job. US–The Untold Story Project, sponsored by the ESJ Literary Project team, is excited to launch its 2019-2020 program.

Come learn about the Untold Story Project, read stories, engage in conversations, and learn how to get involved in the Untold Story Project at this one hour Lunch and Learn!

  • Sept. 10, 2019, noon – 1 p.m., King Street Center, 201 S. Jackson St., Room 8279, 8th Floor (Director’s Conference Room)

Check out How the Untold Story Project Came About.

Racism takes many forms – from subtle slights to openly hostile attacks. Racism may be unintentional or deliberate. It may reflect individually held beliefs as well as institutionalized policies. Its impacts vary in their intensity, but there is no question of its harm.

The future is not something that just happens to us, it is something we create. In order to intentionally build a more equitable future, we must share and co-create that vision. This vision needs to put people of color in the driver seat and so we invite all the possibilities as part of the Untold Story Project 2019-2020.