New Vanpool Pilot Program – 100% Metro Vanpool and Vanshare subsidy 

Starting October 1, the King County Employee Transportation Program (ETP) will cover the Metro Vanpool or Vanshare program for all King County employees who choose to form a new group or participant in an existing Metro vanpool or vanshare group.   

Currently, the King County ETP provides $65 per month towards the cost of your vanpool.  ETP has always provided a vanpool subsidy to King County employees, but now we are offering our employees a 100% Metro Vanpool and Vanshare subsidy.   

This is a one year pilot program that is available to all King County employees receiving transportation benefits!  

KC provides transportation benefits through the ORCA business program that covers 100% fares for ORCA regional partners (KC Metro, Sound Transit, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, et at) to ride the bus, train, light rail, foot ferry, fast ferry and streetcar. This one year Pilot Program, will offer King County employees 100% vanpool/vanshare coverage for King County Metro commuter vans, and equal the subsidy to the fixed route benefit they currently receive. The subsidy will remain $65 per month for other public transit vanpools. 

Here is how it works: 

If you are a current participant in a Metro Vanpool or Vanshare group, all you need to do is to read the ETP Vanpool Rules, complete the Acknowledgment Form on the last page, and send your completed form to Your van bookkeeper will submit their paperwork as they always have and the Metro commuter van program will send their bill to cover your vanpool costs, directly to the Employee Transportation Program for you. 

If you are interested in forming a new Metro Vanpool or Vanshare, find four other commuters and start discussing the logistics – driver/bookkeeper roles, route, work hours, etc.  To learn more and start the process visit  

To find an existing Metro commuter van, please visit and create a trip to search for a van for your commute. 

Start saving money and time, join a Metro Van! Need more information? Contact Hossein Barahimi at 206-477-5853 or at For more information about your employee transportation benefits, visit: