Life Cycle device replacement milestone 

The King County Information Technology (KCIT) Customer Support Services Provisioning team has deployed its 2,000th life cycle device replacement in August. LAN Administrator Daniel Co performed the deployment, bringing replacement equipment to Metro Administer Sara Stefano (pictured). The team is working towards replacing all Windows 7 devices by the end of the year, when Microsoft stops supporting it.  

The team has almost doubled its monthly deployment numbers in the past two years, from an average of 235 a month in 2017 to an average of 461 a month in 2019. “The team has greatly matured in the past few years, and they’re making great strides,” says KCIT Enterprise Manager Harry Clark. 

 The deployment team emphasizes the most important aspect of the process is ensuring users are present at the time of deployment. When users are not present, it slows the process considerably, since the deployment team can’t address any individual needs or issues.