Young attorneys make a difference through Prosecutor’s internship program 

The King County’s Prosecuting Attorney’s Office recently mentored and trained a group of nine young, ambitious second-year law students, giving them firsthand experience into the work of a prosecuting attorney. The intense, 13-week Rule 9 Internship Program gives law students the opportunity to practice the law under supervision by handling real cases.  

“We have an extremely diverse class and half are people of color, which is remarkable,” said Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Leah Taguba, who oversees the program. “It is through diversity of background and thought that people of color bring to prosecution that help create just and equitable outcomes.”  

From a trial perspective, interns learn how to select a jury, make opening and closing arguments, complete cross-examinations, and more. There are challenges in the courtroom because many interns don’t know what to expect at times. Kayvon T. Behroozian and Kaylee Cox are second-year law students from the University of Washington who have learned and grown so much throughout their time in the program. 

“The most tangible thing it has taught me is how to present in a courtroom; how to do so comfortably and thoughtfully,” Kayvon said.  

“Keep your mind very open, it will help,” Kaylee added.  

Cases can often be intense, but the close-knit relationships the interns have with each other keep them grounded. They support one another and are given tools or coaching that help them be successful. They analyze all aspects of a case to get the best possible resolution for the defendant and feel that accountability and rehabilitation are essential. 

“When prosecutors aspire to do the right thing at all times, they can make a difference and can make a meaningful impact on the communities they represent and come from,” Leah said. “They are always trying to do the right thing, always.” 

Interns get the opportunity to grow their skills and knowledge with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. They push themselves to get the most out of the 13-week experience. At the end of it, the interns walk away with experience, career direction, and knowing that they have made a difference. To learn more, visit the Rule 9 Internship Program.