Tech Tip: A change in county email quarantining 

Microsoft has changed the daily quarantine notification message to make it easier for email users to review possibly suspicious emails quarantined over the last 24 hours. This adds an extra layer of protection by allowing King County employees to preview messages online without releasing them to their inbox.  

Got a message that doesn’t need to be quarantined? Simply click on the “Review” button in the email to view the message and be routed to the quarantine portal. This section will explain why the message was quarantined and other information about it. 

After reviewing the summary information, to double check it is a valid message, click on the “Preview Message” button to view it. If the message is okay and should be released, click on the “Remove from Quarantine” button and it will be delivered to the mailbox. Please be cautious when releasing messages from quarantine.  

If the message looks suspicious, just leave the message in quarantine. If it’s in the inbox, delete it without opening. 

Why all the steps for a simple email? Short answer: King County employees are targeted daily by malicious and dangerous phishing campaigns. We all need to be alert and careful to protect our systems.