Focus on values: We focus on the customer

Dear employee,

As public servants, “We focus on the customer” is not only one of our core values – it’s also part of every employee’s work, whether their customer is a member of the public, or another county employee.

Over the past eight years, through training, collaborating, and learning from employees about their experiences and challenges, we’ve created a common understanding of what excellent customer service looks like in King County.

There are of course minor variations between departments due to different mandates and regulatory roles, yet we all have a common goal. Our Customer Service Promise summarizes the shared goals for every interaction with every customer in every department and agency: service that is courteous, efficient, and equitable.

Please consider how you can “focus on the customer” in your daily work, and take a moment to watch our fellow King County employees discuss what “We focus on the customer” means to them in the short video below.

Having a shared understanding of great customer service (or how to recover when things go awry) is important for every team so we can share and consistently use what works, and support each other when it doesn’t. Every interaction helps build public confidence in King County and create a welcoming community where every person can thrive.







Natasha Jones

Director of Customer Service

One Comment on “Focus on values: We focus on the customer

  1. The buses are not safe, some of the zones are disgusting. The drug/homeless problem is out of control. The once beautiful city is now the walking living dead.