Reduced Link service for 10 weeks from Jan. 4 – March 15 

From Jan. 4 to March 15, Sound Transit is building new tracks that connect downtown Seattle to the Eastside. When open in 2023, East Link trains will serve 19 stations from Northgate to Redmond, including 10 new stations in Judkins Park, Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond.  

Trains will continue running during heavy construction, but there will be reduced service for 10 weeks. Here are the basics: 

  • Trains will run every 12 minutes, every day of the week 
  • All trains will have four cars 
  • Riders traveling through Pioneer Square Station will change trains on a new center platform 
  • Bicycles will be temporarily prohibited at Pioneer Square Station 
  • Buses will replace Link between Capitol Hill – SODO Jan. 4-5, Feb. 8-9, and March 14-15 

Here’s how riders can prepare: 

  • Sign up for Rider Alerts and visit the Connect 2020 website for more info 
  • Look for helpful staff ambassadors or security personnel to answer questions 
  • Look out for new signage 
  • Allow extra time for trips, especially the first week from Jan. 4-10 as riders adapt to the changes