FLASH program leads the way

King County’s FLASH is a comprehensive, widely used sexual health education curriculum developed by Public Health – Seattle & King County that is designed to prevent teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and sexual violence, by utilizing a behavior change framework.

“I think it’s important for people to know that FLASH is a public health intervention program, making it a very different type of curriculum,” Kari Kesler, FLASH Educator Consultant, said.

The curriculum is continually updating in order to provide the most accurate information. It has been adopted in every school district in King County, as well as many districts across Washington, and in at least 40 other states. The Family Planning Health Education Team provides FLASH training for teachers to help increase their confidence in delivering these lessons and answering student questions. They also do community outreach for the family planning clinics to help people learn about the clinical services offered by Public Health – Seattle & King County and teach FLASH lessons around the County.  

The curriculum has always been concerned with the prevention of sexual violence, which is unique among comprehensive sex ed programs. FLASH has lessons beginning at elementary and continuing up until high school.  

“We get great feedback from students after they have gone through the curriculum,” Kari said. “It’s so meaningful for us to know that the curriculum is useful and helpful for them.” 

FLASH works very hard to shift people’s attitudes and make sure it equips them with the skills to prevent STD’s, sexual violence, and teen pregnancy. It’s an evidence-informed curriculum teaching and equipping people with the skills needed to improve their sexual health. To learn more, visit FLASH Lesson Plans.