Changes as a result of the Employee Engagement Survey

Since King County began conducting an annual Employee Engagement Survey, your feedback has shaped how we invest in YOU. These investments have had a measurable impact on the employee experience.

Through the annual Employee Engagement Survey, employees said they wanted:

  • Opportunities for career growth and skills development.
  • A respectful workplace where people feel valued for their unique contributions.
  • Strong follow through on our commitment to Equity and Social Justice (ESJ).
  • Work-life balance and other supports for personal well-being and mental health.

In response to these concerns, we acted on your feedback and:

  • Expanded the Bridge Fellowship
  • Launched the King County Mentoring Program
  • Created Professional Development Scholarships in partnership with Labor
  • Rolled out leadership training for managers and supervisors
  • Increased the diversity of top tier hires and promotions by 18%
  • Implemented widespread ESJ training
  • Designed a well-being index to focus attention on employee health and satisfaction
  • Created a comprehensive mental health strategy to improve access to services, destigmatize mental illness and partner with community groups to bring their expertise to our employees

Response to the survey is happening at every level of the organization with action plans developed by teams at the department, division, workgroup and senior leader levels. Hundreds of action plans were created focusing mostly on growth and development, respect, and peer culture.

The impact of our mutual efforts has shown in survey results.  Since 2015, the Employee Engagement Survey has made a noticeable difference:

  • Perceptions of career advancement increased from 48% to 62%
  • Peer culture increased from 66% to 80%
  • Feeling respected increased from 70% to 79%
  • Have the skills to apply ESJ increased from 72% to 77%
  • Have the support to apply ESJ increased from 65% to 69%

Due to these noticeable results, we can see a measurable impact on engagement with the survey, and in how employees are taking the time to provide feedback:

  • Employee response rate has increased from 59% to 70%
  • Engagement index has increased from 70% to 78%
  • Belief that action will be taken on results has increased from 37% to 46%

We know that in order to provide great service to the public, King County needs to be a great place to work. The annual employee survey is an important tool to help us get there. By participating, you will help us measure our progress from last year and determine areas still needing improvement.

2 Comments on “Changes as a result of the Employee Engagement Survey

  1. What is “ESH”, or is it a typo?
    “Have the support to apply ESH increased from 65% to 69%”

    • Hi Anna, sorry that was a typo. It should say ESJ. It has been corrected.