How to obtain extra necessary medications to have on hand

King County is committed to the welfare of our employees, and as the COVID-19 virus continues to impact our community, we want employees to know that our prescription benefit vendors have taken steps to address the outbreak and protect employee’s access to medication. The following information will help you and your covered family members obtain extra necessary medication to have on hand.

  • If you have long-term maintenance medications, you are encouraged to refill eligible prescriptions for 90-day supplies via mail-order/home delivery or pick up. This can help reduce the number of trips you make to the doctor’s office and pharmacy, and the copay for a 90-day supply is typically less than paying for three 30-day supplies.
  • Restrictions on early refills have been relaxed, so you can fill prescriptions ahead of their normal schedule to ensure you can keep an adequate supply of medication on hand.

If you are a KingCare or KingCare Select (Regence) medical plan member

  • Your prescription medication coverage is administered through CVS Caremark.
  • CVS is waiving early refill limits on 30-day prescriptions for maintenance medications (except controlled substances) at any in-network pharmacy. For non-maintenance prescriptions, CVS will approve a one-time emergency refill for a 14-day supply.
  • Go to CVS Caremark to sign in, or Welcome to Caremark if you need to create an account.
  • To request a new prescription from your doctor, or change any eligible 30-day prescription supply to a 90-day supply, go to Change from Pharmacy Pick-Up to Mail Service.
  • CVS Caremark Mail Service will mail your medication to your home.
  • You can also opt to fill and pick up a 90-day supply of many medications at a CVS pharmacy using a program called Maintenance Choice.
  • You can also use the CVS Caremark mobile app to refill mail order prescriptions, track order status, and view prescription history.
  • If you have questions, call CVS Customer Care: 844-380-8838.

If you are a SmartCare (Kaiser) medical plan member

  • Kaiser is waiving early refill limits so members with less than a 30-day supply on hand can obtain up to a 90-day supply (except controlled substances) at a Kaiser pharmacy.
  • Go to Kaiser Permanente to sign in.
  • To get a 90-day supply of your medicine, transfer your prescriptions to the Kaiser mail order pharmacy.
  • Go to Medications, then Transfer Prescriptions. You’ll need:
    • Name and phone number of your current pharmacy
    • Prescription number, name, strength, and instructions
    • Name and phone number of the doctor who prescribed the medication
  • Once you’ve transferred your prescriptions, you can order refills when you sign in.
  • You can also use the Kaiser Permanente Washington mobile app to refill or transfer most prescriptions, see a list of all your medications, or contact a pharmacy representative.
  • If you have questions, call Kaiser at 888-901-4636.

For questions regarding your prescription drug coverage, contact the Benefits team at 206-684-1556 or KC Benefits.