Navigating difficult times with resilience 

As COVID-19 related events unfold, we find ourselves in uncertain terrain as impacts move closer to home. It’s common during these times to experience heightened anxiety or fear. While we cannot control external events, we can establish practices and enlist tools to support our resilience and well-being. Instead of suffering with anxiety, we have the ability to administer care to ourselves, our families, our work colleagues, and our communities. Join in on a free webinar to learn how to navigate these uncertain times with resilience. 

These free webinars, will bring together Wellspring EAP (your King County Making Life Easier provider) and Tiffany Wentz, MA, LMHC. Together they will explore the impact of anxiety and stress on our physical and mental well-being, understand how a climate of uncertainty can heighten our stress responses, discover practices and tools that support your well-being in anxious times, learn useful tips to successfully transition to a remote working environment, and discover how your employee support program can assist with your needs.