Tech Tip: Intentional email from KCIT vendor KnowBe4 featured security tips for phishing scams 

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, all King County email users received the first email from authorized King County vendor about phishing scams, titled “KnowBe4 Security Tips – Social Engineering Red Flags #1: Sender.” 

King County Information Technology (KCIT) has partnered with to regularly provide information and training to employees about phishing scams and other email red flags. is a leading industry expert in security awareness training. Its mission is to help employees to make smarter security decisions, every day, and keep the County’s and employees’ information secure. 

Employees are encouraged to read through the helpful information in each email and review the security tips presented. For this first email, the tips include analyzing who and where the email came from. Employees can also rest assured the email comes from a verified source, and is not spam, as it does not feature the external email notice, seen below.  

For questions or more information, contact the KCIT Helpdesk or call 206-263-4357 (3-HELP).