Emotional well-being resources for Black communities 

Over the past two weeks, we have witnessed continued harm to Black bodies and minds, harm that has been perpetuated for generations via institutions, policies, and laws in every community throughout the United States. The combined impact of police violence, a pandemic disproportionately affecting People of Color, and centuries of systemic racism places undue stress on Black communities. 

This stress continues to impact each individual Black person’s emotional well-being uniquely, based on their identity, support systems, and other contexts. Balanced You stands with Black Lives Matter and recognizes the resiliency and strength that lies within the Black community. Balanced You also recognizes that, because you and your community are sacred, caring for your well-being is an act of resistance. 

In the event that you are seeking additional support, Balanced You has partnered with the King County Black/African Affinity Group and equity partners from across the County to develop the list of emotional well-being resources below, including local spaces for community, connection, and healing; self-care and collective-care tips and resources; and traditional mental health resources. Visit the Balanced You blog for more information.