Resources for caregivers during COVID-19 

A caregiver is anyone who provides help to another person in need, such as an ill spouse or partner, a disabled child, or an aging relative. Employees who are caregivers for adults and elders are some of the unsung heroes of the pandemic. While caregiving can be joyful and rewarding, it can also be overwhelming or stressful for even the most resilient people. The pandemic, which has increased social isolation and decreased or changed availability of social services, has made the role of caregiving even more challenging. 

recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found unpaid adult caregivers are so stressed, they are experiencing disproportionately worse mental health outcomes, increased substance use, and elevated suicidal thoughts. During Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month, Balanced You reminds caregivers we are here for you with tips and resources to help you attend to your own emotional well-being and support your caregiving efforts. Visit this Balanced You blogpost for tips and resources.