Make the most of your King County benefits 

Whitney Abrams, Chief People Officer, King County Executive Office

Open Enrollment for next year’s benefits is Nov. 1-15, so now is the time to review your benefit options for 2021.  

Make sure you get the most out of your robust King County employee benefits package by learning what’s offered during Open Enrollment and how you can make changes: 

  • Check out the new online enrollment tool: This year, we’re using an updated PeopleSoft tool featuring a new look and feel and a mobile-friendly interface – making it easier for you to complete Open Enrollment using a smartphone or tablet. For details and step-by-step instructions, watch the video Completing Open Enrollment with PeopleSoft or read the Open Enrollment PeopleSoft Guide. 
  • Attend a virtual information session: Get a good understanding of your 2021 benefit changes, learn more about the updated Open Enrollment tool, and get your questions answered at live information sessions hosted by the Benefits Team. This event is offered on a variety of days and times to accommodate your schedule. Register here: Open Enrollment information session. 
  • Watch an Open Enrollment overview video: If you can’t attend an information session, the Open Enrollment Overview video covers similar information. 
  • Go to the Open Enrollment website: A wealth of information and tools, including 2021 benefit changes, medical plan comparisons, and information about Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Benefit Access Fees, can be found at 
  • Complete Open Enrollment Nov. 1–15: You can log in to PeopleSoft from your work computer or personal device: If you choose not to participate, you will not be enrolled in FSAs for next year; and if you cover a spouse/domestic partner, the Benefit Access Fee linked to your medical plan will be applied. Other benefits will remain the same. 

For additional information, contact the King County Benefits Team at 206-684-1556 or by email