Your vision benefits don’t expire at year-end

If you’re panicking because your regular vision provider has been closed or is booked solid during the long COVID-19 pandemic, fear not; your vision benefits, through Vision Service Plan (VSP), make it easy for you to get the eye care you need. And best of all… vision benefits are calculated on a rolling 12-24 month period, as follows, meaning you don’t need to rush out before year-end.  

*Allowance for Regular and Transit ATU 587 employee benefit group is $200, allowance for all other benefit groups is $130.

You may use any eye care provider you want, but if you see a VSP provider, your out-of-pocket expenses are generally lower and the provider automatically files your claim. Kaiser Permanente provides routine vision exams under its medical plan, but none of the other vision benefits, such as frames, lenses, and contacts.

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