Recording meetings and calls in Teams is available once again!

As King County completes the change from Skype to Teams, we want to remind users of our general County policies for recording meetings and calls. 

Here are a few things we need everyone to be aware of:  

First, we’re a two-party consent state. What does that mean? It means the person making a recording must tell others he or she is doing so.  

  • Just as in Skype, when you’re on a computer and a meeting or a call is being recorded, a banner will appear across the top of your meeting window. Look for it! 
  •  If you’re calling into a meeting from a cell phone or a landline, you’ll receive an audio notification when recording is underway. 

Meeting and call recordings are considered public records. 

  • As such, they must be managed in accordance with records retention and disposition laws 
  • Additionally, recordings are subject to all public disclosure laws. 
  • For any records management questions, please contact the King County Records Management Program:, or 206 477-6889. 

Meeting and call recordings are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. Here are instructions for how to access recordings and how to restrict who can record.  

Reminder: The best practice is to always tell other parties if a call or meeting is being recorded, and to treat any recordings as public records.