Future of Work Executive Summary and Implementation Plan

King County departments are currently implementing Future of Work plans for delivering services and operations in a post-pandemic environment, and you can learn more about the strategy, next steps, and progress metrics in two new documents.

Future of Work plans are guided by our True North and values and draw on the experiences and lessons learned during COVID-19. They also incorporate feedback from employees using a variety of listening mechanisms. King County engaged Grant Thornton LLC to support the development of these plans, allowing the County to draw on their experience working with other large organizations and test the assumptions used in planning and modelling.

We have finalized two strategy and implementation documents where you can find out more about the County’s and each Executive Branch department’s future planning:

  • The Future of Work Executive Summary provides a detailed overview of our Future of Work journey, including the drivers for change; expected benefits to the county, employees, and customers; estimates for costs and environmental impacts; metrics for tracking progress; and the path forward for implementation.
  • The Future of Work Implementation Plan includes one-page summaries of cross-functional initiatives to support departments and employees during the Future of Work transition, as well as one-page summaries of each department’s Future of Work plan.

These documents provide details on the Future of Work efforts in departments and across the Executive Branch. They have been posted on the Future of Work intranet site, our one-stop site for Future of Work resources, tools, news, and answers to questions.