Future of Work: Return To In-Person Work

Building on what we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, King County has developed an employee accessible intranet site, The Future of Work, focused on tools, resources, and information. The site helps provide answers to common questions and will be regularly updated with more news and resources. One section, titled Return To In-Person Work, explains in more detail teleworking updates, vaccine and mask guidelines, and answers several frequently asked questions.

Although mandatory telework for many employees ended on July 5, 2021, this does not mean everyone will immediately come back to their worksites. During this transitional phase, worksites will be re-activated when it is safe to do so, and department and division leaders will communicate further timelines and employee expectations.

Additionally, employees and members of the public are now required to wear masks in indoor spaces that are open to the public and in public spaces, whether or not they are vaccinated, and it is strongly recommended that all employees wear a mask when working in all indoor areas, regardless of vaccination status. Many employees, including those in correctional facilities, homeless shelters, schools, public transportation, long-term care, and healthcare settings, are required under CDC guidance to wear masks due to the nature of their work. If an employee has a medical condition that impacts their ability to wear a mask, they should contact their HR Manager. View a SharePoint list of HR Managers here. Request access to view the list if needed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) include details about topics such as temperature readings, agency-paid parking, employee badge access, and workplace reporting. All employees must reside in Washington State and within a reasonable distance to their primary county worksite to respond to workplace reporting requirements. Whenever possible, supervisors should give at least one day’s notice when directing telecommuting employees to report to a county worksite.  Additionally, many buildings will require employee badge access.

For more information about this process and how King County is addressing services and operations beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the Future of Work intranet site.