Staying safe at work

An employee was assaulted at work earlier today, Thursday, July 29, on the second floor of the King County Courthouse. We are grateful for the actions of the King County Sheriff’s Office Marshalls who stopped the assault and apprehended the perpetrator.

This incident is a sad reminder that all employees should be aware of their surroundings and potential threats in and around their workspace. If you see anything or anyone that looks unusual or out of place, please call Facilities Management Division (FMD) Security at 206-296-5000. If it’s an emergency, call 9-1-1 first, then call FMD Security when you are able.

As a follow up to any assault, threatening behavior, or observation of this behavior, please remember to report it to the FMD Security Unit using the Online Security Incident Report form. You can report incidents that happen at work or on your commute. Notify your supervisor, manager, and/or director as soon as you can.

We have created a list of safety tips online and safety tip videos using information from SPD, designed to help you enhance your personal safety and avoid potential trouble:

Safety Tip #1 | Safety Tip #2 | Safety Tip #3 | Safety Tip #4 | Safety Tip #5

Remember that you can use the tunnel from the Goat Hill Garage to access the Chinook Building, Administration Building, and Courthouse, to avoid using surface streets. If you work after regular business hours and feel unsafe about walking to your vehicle or to other transportation, you may call the 24-hour Emergency Dispatch Center at 206-296-5000 and ask that a security guard accompany you.