Creating safer workplaces for employees

King County is committed to continuously improving safety at workplaces, in downtown Seattle, and throughout our county for all employees, residents, and businesses, and on Metro vehicles.

We’re also engaging with employees for their perspectives and recommendations for how to improve safety at work. The County is taking immediate action on some of these suggestions to make workplaces safer, including:

  • Increased security: Boosting security in the courthouse and other King County buildings
  • Employee-only restrooms: Some restrooms are being designated for employees only and can only be accessed with a keycard or code
  • Security escort program: Upon request, the County provides security in downtown Seattle for individuals moving between their workplace and their commute. Information is available on our “Staying Safe at Work” webpage.
  • Security analysis: The County is working with a security consultant to undertake a security audit of the downtown campus and to recommend further improvements.

Metro, through its Recovery Planning Team process, has received a comprehensive list of immediate needs to enhance safety and security for Metro operators, and is working quickly to resource and implement a number of these recommendations. Every day of the week Metro security officers ride services that have the highest rates of non-compliance with Metro’s code of conduct to encourage and support compliance and act as a deterrent.

The County is also working with Labor partners to identify other changes and access points to buildings, facilities and vehicles. More details on these and other changes will be available soon.

In addition, several other safety options and programs are available to employees:

  • Goat Hill Garage Tunnel: For employees working in certain buildings, the tunnel from the Goat Hill Garage can be used to access the Chinook Building, the Administration Building, and the Courthouse, avoiding surface streets.
  • Walkpooling: Walkpools is a program where you can walk to and from work with a buddy. The program is available whether you walk long distances, walk early in the morning or late in the evening, or have to navigate transit stations. Check out our video or visit the Employee Transportation Program website for more information.

All employees deserve to feel safe, supported, and welcome at work, and we are reviewing additional options with our partners to create a safer work environment for all. If you have questions ideas, please contact