We thank you, our employee audience

Our top stories and videos for 2021

This past year, the twice weekly Employee News newsletter shared employee accomplishments and events, COVID-19 resources and vaccine updates, training and career development information, and other relevant employee news. The Department of Human Resources Employee Communications Team also featured these items on the KC Employee News blog, the King County Employees YouTube channel, the KCEmployees Twitter account, and the King County, WA LinkedIn account.

We would like to thank you, our employee audience, for interacting with this information, sharing it with colleagues, and helping us provide timely news and information that is relevant to your career, your family, and your community.

2021 has been an equally challenging year, and we are grateful to have your support. If you have any story ideas, suggestions, or recommendations, please email us KCEmployees@kingcounty.gov.

The 10 most-clicked Employee News newsletter stories for 2021 were:

10. Walking Bus pilot program launches Nov. 15 – 2,269 clicks

9. How to make sure you are fully vaccinated by Oct. 18 – 2,269 clicks

8. Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples’ Day to be observed holidays beginning in 2022 – 2,640 clicks

7. King County to require all employees to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18, 2021 – 3,037 clicks

6. How to get your vaccination status verified – 3,849 clicks

5. Planning for the future of work for employees of King County – 4,138 clicks

4. FAQs and updates to mask requirements for King County employees – 4,494 clicks

3. How to provide verification of vaccine status – 5,255 clicks

2. Want to opt out of Washington’s long-term care program? – 11,536 clicks

1. School-to-Work Transition Fairs go virtual in 2021 – 15,391 clicks

The 10 most-watched videos for 2021 were:

10. Introducing King County eLearning, powered by NEOGOV – 256 views

9. How to navigate King County eLearning – 274 views

8. King County Employee Performance Awards for 2020 – 308 views

7. EAP or MLE: Which program is right for my situation? – 314 views

6. Four Pro-Equity Actions: A Conversation Between the Executive’s Senior Leadership Team. – 322 views

5. DAJD Employee Recognition Video – 363 views

4. King County Vaccine Deadlines for Employees – 373 views

3. KingCare Select Requires County Employees to Choose Their PCP – 471 views

2. Multi-factor Authentication for KC – 643 views

1. King County Employee Engagement Survey – Key Findings – 728 views