Your ID/ORCA card transit benefits and resources for a safer commute

As a King County employee, your employee ID/ORCA card opens up a world of public transit options in our region. If you’re eligible for commute benefits, one tap of your card pays your fare on the following regular services:

Whether it’s bus, rail, or boat, find out more about your transit options on the Employee Transportation Program webpage.

In addition to these transit options, employees can access a range of options for a safer commute, including:

  • Walking Bus: With the “Walking Bus” pilot program, county employees can join their colleagues and a Facilities Management Division (FMD) Security Escort each evening walking to the King Street Station and the Colman Dock from the downtown campus. In this initial pilot phase, two dedicated security escorts will depart daily, Monday-Friday, from the King County Courthouse one to the King Street Station and one to the Colman Dock ferry terminal. To King Street Station – Depart 4th Avenue Entrance at 4:40 p.m. To Colman Dock – Depart 4th Avenue Entrance at 5:05 p.m. Learn more
  • Walkpooling: Walkpools is a program where you can walk to and from work with a buddy. The program is available whether you walk long distances, walk early in the morning or late in the evening, or have to navigate transit stations. ​​​​​​​Check out our video or visit the Employee Transportation Program website for more information.
  • Security escort program: Upon request, the County provides security in downtown Seattle for individuals moving between their workplace and their commute. Facilities Management Division security can escort you for several blocks from the building you work in, from downtown buildings to Goat Hill Garage or immediate vicinity bus stops. Please contact the emergency dispatch center at 206-296-5000 to arrange for a security escort whether coming in to work or leaving work. Advance notice for a Security Escort is appreciated.
  • VanPool: Join an existing group or start your own—five members gets you on the road! Everything is covered. Your monthly fare includes the van, gas, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, plus a guaranteed ride home. See how you can join a Vanpool.  
  • VanShare: Vanshare is your first/last mile solution to getting to and from bus, ferry, commuter and light rail or vanpool—and for getting the last mile or so to your worksite or school destination from your transit stop. VanShares are placed at the end of a trip – e.g. for people getting off the Sounder who walk over to King Street Center garage and get into a Vanpool vehicle that takes them to their worksite. These can be set up with five or more people who want to travel together. This is the quickest solution to get started and King County covers the entire cost for King County employees, except parking. Learn more

Find out more about programs for a safer commute on our Future of Work Personal Safety at Work page (employee access only).