Cigna Dental HMO offers second dental plan choice this Open Enrollment

If you’re in the ATU 587 or Regular Employee benefits groups, you’ll have a choice this Open Enrollment for your 2023 dental plan. The new Cigna Dental HMO plan covers the same dental services as the Delta Dental plan, but has some important differences to consider.

What you pay for services

The Cigna Dental HMO plan has no deductible and no annual benefit maximum, which means there is no limit to the dollar amount the plan will pay for dental services.

You pay a copay for all services, which is a fixed out-of-pocket amount, instead of a percentage. Preventive care services like oral exams and cleanings are free, copays for fillings range from $0 – $55, and porcelain crowns are $100. See the dental plan summary for a comparison with Delta Dental out-of-pocket costs.

Enhanced orthodontia coverage

Members in the Cigna Dental HMO plan pay one copay for two years of orthodontia coverage–$2,049 for kids under age 19 and $2,553 for adults. If your orthodontia treatment extends beyond two years, you pay a prorated monthly amount.

You choose your primary dentist

With a dental HMO plan, you choose your primary dentist, who provides most of your dental care and refers you to specialists, like orthodontists or periodontists, when needed. Each member of your family can choose a different dentist and you can change your dentist at any time. Be aware that you must see your primary dentist, or the specialist your dentist refers you to, for services to be covered.

Check the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus Provider Directory to see which providers are available in your area. In addition to dentists by location, the provider directory includes languages spoken, photos, patient reviews, years of experience, and whether there have been any disciplinary actions from the State Department of Health. You also can call Cigna’s plan shopper helpline at 800-564-642 for help locating a dentist.

Is this plan right for you?

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