Get ready for King County’s new public website coming March 31

On March 31, King County will launch our new public website ( Online visitors will see the new King County homepage, and your department’s webpages will also change to a more modern look and feel. The Design and Civic Engagement (DCE) team is working with your department’s Web Content Manager(s) to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions, but you can help:

  • Be prepared for customer questions. Your webpages will look different, and customers may need help navigating to popular web content.
  • If you have webpages on the current site, work with your department’s Web Content Manager(s) to make any final updates before March 28. Most pages will move to a temporary location. Editing content will be difficult until your department can rebuild your pages in Sitecore 10 – please talk to your Web Content Manager to find out when your new pages are scheduled to go live. Please verify that your department’s Web Content Manager has previewed your pages to ensure they will display correctly and function as expected after March 31. Find your Web Content Manager(s) here.

Thank you for your patience while we settle into this new and exciting online space! Visit the “ Refresh” project page to offer feedback or learn more information.