Griffin Creek flooded but now farms and fish return following completion of innovative project

From Keeping King County Green

Heavy rainfall in 2019 and 2021 caused more than just water from Griffin Creek to surge over the banks and fan out across farmer Todd McKittrick’s fields.

Sand, gravel, and rock swept across 15 acres of McKittrick’s fertile land along Griffin Creek, rendering the acreage unusable for farming. The torrent also left adult coho salmon returning to the creek’s spawning grounds stranded in a field amidst the debris and grass, with many of the fish dying before they could complete their journey.

Projects such as Griffin Creek are at the center of the Snoqualmie Fish, Farm, and Flood accord. The cooperative approach dates back a decade to when King County Executive Dow Constantine brought together Snoqualmie Valley representatives to discuss ways of getting past conflict and obstacles between groups that in the past had not always agreed on priorities when it came to land-use management, flood-risk reduction actions, and salmon recovery. Read more and watch the video.