Tech Tip: Basic intro to OneDrive and cloud storage access

Everyone talks about “The Cloud” – where internet users can store files and access them from anywhere. Did you know King County employees have the exact same application available to them through Office 365? It’s easy to navigate and use. OneDrive is a great tool for uploading files to share with others (including photos), give others permission to edit and work on files at the same time, and get to your files from anywhere, on your computer, tablet or phone. Essentially, it’s an online locker that allows you to back up and share… Read More

Tech Tip: A new free application for presentations

If you are bored with PowerPoint and Prezi makes you nauseous, our Office 365 application has something in between and it’s really easy to use. It’s called Sway. You can find it in the upper left hand corner tile in Office 365. It’s free and there are no restrictions for county users. Once you log in (it’s automatic when you login into Office 365) you open Sway and it brings up easy plug and play instructions. Then hit Get Started and Create. Pull in videos, maps, photos and text. It’s drag and… Read More

Tech Tip: Spam and phishing – What to report and how to report it

This article will explain the difference between spam and phishing emails and what to do when you receive them. What is SPAM? Unsolicited email or undesired email (generally advertising a product or service). You do not need to report each junk or Spam email you receive in your mailbox. Just delete it! Things to Remember  1. Never respond to emails unless they’re from someone you know or something you’ve personally subscribed to – it just confirms your address is valid and you’ll keep getting more spam as valid emails are traded & sold amongst… Read More

Tech Tip: Changing the audio and loading your photo into Skype

If you have Skype for Business on your computer, what picture do you have loaded? Is it your son’s hedgehog? Or maybe a bright red flower? A Skype photo of the Skyped person makes conversations easier. In today’s Tech Tip, we show you how to change the audio, change the picture and create a Skype group for conversations.

Tech Tip: How to get calls to the right place

This week’s inaugural tech tip comes from the Skype team. Skype for Business is a fabulous tool. It allows for conference calls, screen sharing, and instant messaging just to name a few. In short, it’s the best communications system you’ve ever had! This week’s Skype tutorial shows you how to forward calls, send Skype calls to voice mail, send your calls to someone else while you are away and integrate your personal cell into the Unified Communication system. It’s 18 minutes long and will be the best 18 minutes you’ve invested in… Read More

Cybercriminals will ring in the Holidays

The start of the holiday shopping season marked by Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here. Cybercriminals take advantage of busy online shopping days which provide an opportunity for dramatically increased illicit profits, but you can protect yourself. The FBI has identified a number of different scams and schemes which could be used by cybercriminals this holiday shopping season such as: Malicious phishing emails for big ticket items and “too good to be true deals” Selling counterfeit or stolen products Fraudulent shipping notices from DHL, UPS and FedEx Holiday refund buncos Online… Read More