Apply for King County Internal Bridge Fellowship

Starting March 10, employees can apply for one of 10 internal Bridge Fellowships that will help them develop their careers, grow their organizational knowledge, and enhance their leadership skills at King County.

The Internal Bridge Fellowship Program is a one-year, formal development program that is open to all regular (full-time) and TLT employees. Ten fellows will be selected for the first cohort. Candidates can be individual contributors, supervisors or managers.  Each candidate must have leadership potential (demonstrated at work, at home, or in the community) and a desire to advance across the organization.

What is the Bridge Fellowship?

  • Learn more about how our organization works – Fellows will attend the King County Bridge Academy, a week-long training designed to enhance your leadership skills and your understanding of King County’s enterprise-wide goals and initiatives, operations, and Labor, Human Resources, Budget, and Legislative systems and processes.
  • Tackle a challenge with a team of aspiring leaders and present your results to current leadership – Fellows will work together as a team on a Cohort Project that addresses an outstanding question or challenge faced by King County or by a particular County department or division.
  • Create a plan for your development and growth – Each fellow will create an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) that outlines his/her development needs and career aspirations. With the help of an employee development professional, each fellow will undergo a 360 degree review to receive feedback from supervisors, peers, and other colleagues regarding his/her strengths, opportunities for growth, and leadership potential.  With this feedback, each fellow will then create a customized development plan and portfolio.  NOTE: As a part of the fellowship, fellows will complete six trainings of their choice to better their skills and reach their development goals.
  • Try on a “new role” at King County, in another position or department that interests you – Fellows will participate in a Role Immersion; an experiential learning opportunity based on development goals and departmental needs.  In this 30-90 day assignment, fellows will have the chance to contribute and learn, through primarily project-based work, observational learning, and mentorship by their “host” sponsor in a new position or department/division.

Why Apply? Bridge Fellows will develop and enhance their professional mobility, organizational knowledge, cross-departmental networks, and leadership competencies via structured, cohort-centered training and collaboration, experiential learning opportunities, and individualized development planning.

Applications open March 10 and close March 31. To apply, visit Send your completed application scanned to or mail paper application to the Human Resources Division, Mail Stop ADM-ES-0553. Contact for more information.