Kudos! Congratulation on award for leading healthier lives

On June 10 we celebrated winning the Harvard Innovations Award, awarded to King County for our Healthy Incentives Program. We had a great time remembering all of the things that make this program unique and, for some of our employees, life-saving. The “What’s Your Reason” video that our co-workers put together is just the tip of the kind of creativity that led Harvard to award us this prize. Harvard Professor Stephen Goldsmith, who presented us with the plaque, told us we won not necessarily because we saved money but because we did it in such collaboration and partnership with the unions that represent County staff, and because we focused on both the demand side – how we use health care as employees – and the supply side – really reaching out and trying to change the market. Hats off to the whole crew in Healthy Incentives and to all of us employees for supporting them. – Nancy Buonanno-Grennan, Director, Human Resources Division

harvard innovation award

King County is awarded the 2013 Innovations in American Government Award from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government: (Left to right) King County Executive Dow Constantine; Whitney Abrams, Business Representative, Professional and Technical Employees, Local 17; Karleen Sakumoto, Employee Health & Well-Being Manager; Professor Stephen Goldsmith, Harvard Kennedy School; Caroline Whalen, County Administrative Officer; Kerry Schaefer, Strategic Planner, Employee Health & Well-Being.