Kudos! Christine Nguyen, Customer Service Specialist III, Records and Licensing Services Division, DES

Good day, I was overseas for a year and when I returned, decided to get some personalized plates. There was a Christine who helped me at your 4th Street [Avenue] Office in Seattle at approximately 3:30 p.m. last Friday [May 2]. She not only took my plate application, but also let me know I could get tabs early (they were good until August, so I didn’t think it was possible to get them done early). She also reminded me that a new emissions test would also be needed and gave me excellent directions to the nearest station (I normally don’t get tested in Seattle area). She assured me all would be fine and updated once the emissions station input my results. I hurried to the station on 6th/Spokane, tested no problem, and drove back to work (NOAA has me back and forth from Seattle to Oregon). Yesterday, my new tabs and registration arrived to my work box in Oregon. I repeat, yesterday! That means in one workday (Monday), tabs/registration was printed, issued, routed to the post office. Honestly, this is the fastest I’ve ever seen any state government operate. I knocked out three things with one trip (plates, new tabs, emissions) and all because Christine pointed me in the right direction to update everything. Thanks for doing good work – Kyle B.