Ebola outbreak and Annual Giving Drive

Dear fellow King County employee:


King County Executive Dow Constantine

As you know, the Ebola outbreak has caused devastating loss of life and decimated families in West Africa. The World Health Organization estimates 10,000 new cases of Ebola could occur every week by December if the virus is not contained.

With our Public Health department leading the way, we in King County are prepared in the event that the Ebola virus should ever come to Washington State. Our experts tell us that the most effective way to prevent the virus from spreading is to support the communities in West Africa that were first impacted.

Governments and non-profits are on the front lines of the response, and I have heard from many of you that as global citizens you want to do your part. As a result, I have directed the Employee Giving Program to set up a page dedicated to nonprofit organizations that are responding to the Ebola Crisis. Among the organizations the program has identified as first-responders are Partners in Health #3530, Medical Teams International #9461, and PATH International #3501.

During the Annual Giving Drive you have more options available through the workplace than any other time of year, by pledging before the deadline, November 21, 2014, and putting the words “In Honor of Ebola Response” in the dedication portion of your form.

There are three ways to give:

  • Payroll Deduction – One time, once a month, or twice month.
  • Time Donation – Now up to three nonprofit organizations. Please use a paper form for more than one.  Read more here.
  • Check – Made directly out to the nonprofit.

If you have already made your pledge and would like to make an additional donation, you must submit a paper pledge form with the “additional” box checked at the top of the form. You cannot make an additional online pledge if you have already pledged online.

Click here to make a pledge online
Click here to make a pledge with a paper form (for more than one time donation)

If you submit a paper pledge form, please send your form to the program at CNK-ES-0231 or by mail to 401 5th Ave, 2nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98104.  If you have any questions you may contact Junelle Kroontje at 206.263.9405 or by email Junelle.kroontje@kingcounty.gov.

Thank you for opening your hearts to the people affected by Ebola and investing in a global health response that will save thousands of lives and improve the outcomes for thousands more.

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Dow Constantine
King County Executive