Kudos! Ruth Ann Dunn, Metro Transit Operator

Greetings Harold [Taniguchi, Director, Department of Transportation], I am writing to let you know that tonight, your bus operator, route 17 bus #2737, was excellent at working with a rider with special needs. She was able to diffuse a potentially difficult interaction between passengers, and develop a trust with this young man in a very short time.

Her calm and caring command, her extra helpfulness, and lack of judgmental treatment, helped all of us riders. I am sure that this young man left the bus with a little less anxiety and a little more confidence to meet the big challenges he had before him. And who knows, it might have been just enough of a reduction in anxiety to enable him to reach success. 

On the whole, I am usually impressed with your operators and the way they handle things. This operator this evening did something that meant even more – Stella Chao, Deputy Director, Environmental Health Division, Public Health Seattle & King County