Open Ended Questions

“Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers”

One of the best tools for having robust discussions about engagement and action planning with work groups is a handful of open ended questions. A good open ended question will engage people in discussion and help you better grasp the state of engagement, what success looks like and the steps needed to get there.

We give participants in our trainings space to brainstorm open ended questions they can use in their discussions with work groups and they’ve come up with some great ones:

  • What does engagement mean to you?
  • When you took the survey which issues were you hoping would be addressed?
  • Looking at the key drivers of engagement for our department/division/group, what resonates as the things that are most influential for us in doing our best?
  • Which of these things is more important than others?
  • What surprised you in the results?
  • What didn’t surprise you in the results?
  • How do you think people interpreted this particular question?
  • What would “strongly agree” look like for this question?
  • What are we doing that makes this a strong or weak result?
  • What are we doing well that we need to keep doing?
  • What needs to be changed, improved, or enhanced to help us meet our goals of creating a work environment we all want?
  • Of the things listed, what could be changed or improved in a week? A month? Three months? What would need organizational/senior leadership support?
  • What steps would we need to take to meet our definition of success in this area?