Breaking down barriers with Supported Employment: Jodeen Wieser

Jodeen Wieser is a 20-year employee with King County’s Environmental Lab, a Lab Assistant who performs a wide range of essential tasks that help the Lab do its work of collecting, analyzing and monitoring samples that protect our local environment.

Jodeen is also a supported employee through a King County program that pairs her with a job coach to help with learning new skills, communication and any other issues that arise.

“When you meet someone with a disability that maybe is a different picture of what you thought someone was or what they could do it really helps you to become more comfortable,” Christina Davidson, Supported Employment Program Manager for King County, said. “And as coworkers become more comfortable with employees and coworkers with disabilities, so does the community and it really helps to break down barriers.”

Hiring individuals with developmental disabilities through the Supported Employment Program is a cost effective way to improve efficiency in departments, change lives, and create more inclusive workplaces. Watch the short video below that highlights Jodeen and contact Christina Davidson, King County’s Supported Employment Program Manager, to learn more about ways you can take advantage of this program.