2017 Benefits: Open Enrollment November 1-15

Covering a spouse/partner on your medical plan? Learn about the Benefit Access Fee

If you cover a spouse or domestic partner on your King County medical plan, a Benefit Access Fee is automatically applied each year. If you qualify for an exemption, you must confirm it annually during Open Enrollment—Nov. 1 – 15.

The Benefit Access Fee is a monthly deduction from your paycheck. The amount depends on your benefit group and the medical plan you select. See the Benefit Access Fee flyer for a list of amounts and exemptions.

If you are eligible for an exemption to the Benefit Access Fee but you don’t select it during Open Enrollment, the fee will be automatically deducted from your paycheck each month beginning in January. If you notify us later that you qualify for an exemption, you can discontinue the fee, however, amounts already deducted will not be refunded.

For more information, go to Open Enrollment, call Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations at 206-684-1556, or email KC Benefits.