Snow, ice forecast for tonight, more snow possible later in week

snow_beaconhillMore snow as well as black ice could be on the way over the next few days with nighttime cold temperatures expected to drop into the low 20s in some areas.

Snow showers will return late this evening, first in the North Interior and then gradually southward after midnight. The snow level will also lower throughout the evening and snow may accumulate at sea level overnight, with up to 1 to 3 inches of snow. Warmer daytime temperatures will melt snow on Wednesday but the potential for black ice will continue as nighttime temperatures remain in the low 20s until Thursday night.

Make sure you have a plan for your commute and for your family, and expect slippery or icy road conditions. Please let safety be your guide when making commute decisions. Where allowed, employees may be able to telecommute or take a day of accrued vacation or comp time instead of reporting to their normal work location today. Check with your supervisor for more information.

First responders and other mission critical staff are expected to report to their work location as usual. This includes, but is not limited to, corrections officers, 9-1-1 call center operators, emergency personnel, security staff, and certain senior managers. If you are not sure of your designation, please contact your supervisor.

Schools: Make a plan to take care of your kids as some schools may close early while you are at work, or open late or not at all. When schools are closed and King County operations remain open, employees are expected to report to work as usual, or follow applicable personnel policies.

Goat Hill Garage: If you park at the Goat Hill Garage or work at the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle, snow or ice could lead to the closure of roads in the vicinity. The City of Seattle has provided these alternative driving routes of the area (see two-page map of routes):

Leaving Goat Hill Garage if Jefferson Street exit is closed:

Route to I-5 or I-90

  • Sixth Avenue to Yesler – turn left (east) on Yesler
  • Yesler to Boren – turn left (north) on Boren
  • Boren to James – turn left (west) on James
  • Continue on James to I-5 ramps

Alternate route to I-90

  • Sixth Avenue to Yesler – turn left (east) on Yesler
  • Yesler to Boren – turn right (south) on Boren
  • Boren to Rainier Ave – continue on Boren to Rainier Ave
  • Continue on Rainier Ave to I-90 ramp

HR Policies: When an agency remains open, but conditions prevent you from reporting to work on time, notify your supervisor as soon as possible. You may request leave, subject to approval by your supervisor. If you have no leave accrued, your supervisor may approve leave without pay to cover absences. Sick leave may not be used. Refer to HR Bulletin 2011-0009 County Operations During Emergency Situations and Inclement Weather.

Stay Informed: During an emergency make sure you’re getting the latest King County information on how you are affected, at work and at home:

  • Call the Employee Hotline—206-205-8600 (save it in your phone now!).
  • Check your King County email.
  • Go to
  • Contact your supervisor.
  • Follow King County on Twitter—@kcemployees, @kcnews, and @kcmetrobus.
  • Check your agency website or Intranet (if applicable), and monitor local media channels.
  • Visit the Emergency News page at for regional impacts.

Superior Court employees: Information will be provided on the Superior Court website, or by calling the following hotlines for recorded updates on the status of work locations.

  • Seattle courthouse/NJB employees: 206-205-6747
  • MRJC courthouse employees: 206-205-6746
  • Youth Services Center employees: 206-205-6747.

District Court employees: Call the employee Information emergency telephone line at 206-296-6820 for recorded information, or check the District Court website for updates on operational status.

Sheriff’s Office employees: All operations that are staffed on a 24-hour basis, or staffed by commissioned detectives or deputies, are considered essential, and employees scheduled to report to work in these operations are required to report to work despite emergency conditions or closure of other county operations. Refer to the King County Sheriff’s Office Inclement Weather Policy.

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