Be safe and secure this summer

As the weather warms, there are a lot more people out and about, especially around our buildings in downtown Seattle. Your safety and security here at work are important to us, so we’d like to remind you of a few tips:

  • Plan your route, and stick to well-lit paths.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and know who is nearby.
  • Avoid looking at your mobile phone while walking, and minimize what you carry in your hands.
  • Walk with a group when possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to cross the street, return to a business, or ask for help based on a “funny feeling.” You may be right!

We have more personal safety tips on our Employees webpage. If you’re involved in an incident, make a report online or call the FMD Security Unit at 206-296-5000. And as always, in an emergency call 9-1-1 first, then make a report to FMD Security when you’re able.

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