Baby falcons rescued by county employees

falcon1Recently several baby falcons fell out of their nest on the third floor window ledge of the King County Courthouse. Lucky for these little birds, County employees were on hand to rescue them.

After saving the birds from oncoming traffic, Seattle Animal Control was called. Animal care staff then took the chicks to the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Lynwood. This facility specializes in wildlife rescue.

The baby falcons were given a full exam by a vet. Out of the three, one bird had a fracture, but otherwise, all were declared mostly healthy with no serious injuries. Too young to fly, the chicks were kept at the facility for several weeks before recently being reunited with their family.

Two of the chicks were released on the roof of the King County Administration Building, overseen by two PAWS animal specialists, several security officers and a few interested employees. Both birds proved strong and healthy, soaring above the courthouse and the jail. The third will be monitored for some time at PAWS before also being released.

Thank you to County employees for being interested in preserving our local wildlife and helping achieve a happy ending for these birds.