Changes coming to Healthy Incentives 

Last summer, we asked you for your input on our health and well-being program. With the support of our labor partners, we heard from more than 2,400 employees throughout the County.  

Thank you for sharing your candid feedback. Getting your input is an important part of our commitment to Investing in You and essential to continuous improvement. Your ideas and suggestions will help us provide a program that works for you and meaningful resources to help you do your best work for our customers.  

We’ll continue to share more survey information in the coming months, but for now, we have some exciting news to share. Please take a moment to watch this short video. I think you’ll agree that happy days are ahead in 2018! 


You can see a snapshot of your feedback about Healthy Incentives here. To stay up-to-date on the status of the new program, visit the Healthy Incentives blog or contact Employee Health & Well-Being with your questions.