Breaking down the Employee Survey results: Communications

The results of the 2017 Employee Survey are out and we’re sharing some of the findings in key areas of the survey. This week we’re looking at communications.

  • Q52. I feel well-informed about County news and events: 75% agree | 18% neutral | 7% disagree. This is a 2 percentage point increase from last year, and a 24 percentage point increase from our external government benchmark.
  • Q48. I receive the information I need to do my job well: 69% agree | 18% neutral | 13% disagree. This is a 2 percentage point increase from last year.
  • Q4. I am clear about what I am expected to achieve in my job: 83% agree | 9% neutral | 8% disagree. This has remained consistent from last year.

We are now acting on what you told us and are launching our action planning process to ensure we are addressing these and other issues you said are important to you.

You can see the full survey results here (intranet). Employees in all branches and departments of King County, except the Superior Court, District Court and the Sheriff’s Office, and employees who are not Short Term Temps, interns or started before August 25, 2017, were invited to participate in the survey. Note: Due to rounding of numbers and “not applicable” and “I don’t know” answers, some totals may not equal 100 percent.