Tech Tip: Username format for new employees

King County changed the username format for new employees in March 2017 to a single, universal sign on. The new format is simpler to remember, easier to automate for new account creation, and it increases the county’s ability to protect against phishing, scams and other cyber threats.

What is the new username? 

For PCs or email, it is the first letter of first name plus the last name. For example, Juan Hernandez would be JHernandez to sign into a PC, laptop, all work stations, and – eventually – PeopleSoft. Juan’s email address would be Not Hernandezj,  HernanJ, or any other combination. Simply JHernandez.

What if multiple employees share the same name?

The second employee will use the first and second letter of the first name plus the last name, and the third employee will use the first three letters of the first name, and so on; JHernandez becomes JuHernandez becomes JuaHernandez.

This only affects new employees. Current employees will continue to use the existing naming conventions for the foreseeable future.