Hiring Managers: Vets 4 HIRE funding available

Hiring managers have the opportunity to support veterans in their transition to civilian employment by creating a Vets 4 HIRE fellowship within your organization. The Vets 4 HIRE learning experience should last a minimum of six months and can be either full- or part-time. The goal of the fellowship program is to provide veterans with training and practical, hands-on experience to increase their skills for future opportunities at King County and other civilian employment.

You can be reimbursed up to 50 percent of the first six months of the veteran’s wages, up to a maximum of $6,250. There is funding for 16 opportunities on a first come, first served basis. Upon completion of the initial six months, departments have the option to extend the fellowship for up to a maximum of 2,080 hours, and assume 100 percent responsibility for additional costs.

Veterans offer a proven work ethic, and many are problem-solvers, fast learners, excellent team players and leaders. They have great experience working effectively in multi-cultural environments and are very comfortable with technology.

For more information, contact Vets 4 HIRE Program Manager Susan Navetski at Susan.Navetski@KingCounty.gov or 206-477-3271. Please speak with your department HR staff to begin the process of creating a veteran internship opportunity. Thank you for supporting our veterans!

Estimated cost for a six-month Veteran Fellowship

Vets4HIRE corrected table Capture.JPG

* Levy will reimburse 50 percent of wages, up to $6,250, upon completion of the first six months.