Employee Survey launches March 11 

The King County Employee Engagement Survey kicks off March 11 and is a great opportunity to check-in with employees to learn what is going well and where we need to improve. 

Employees who participated in the survey over the last three years have helped us make King County a better place to work, and a more effective service provider for our residents. This year we’re making some enhancements to make the survey work better for everyone:  

  • The survey is shorter.   
  • Analysis will be done in house.  
  • There will be more ways to take it electronically.   
  • Annual administration of the survey is switching from fall to spring.  
  • We will be able to look at how engagement relates to organizational performance.   

The survey period begin March 11 and runs through March 29 (March 22 for Transit employees) for all employees except: 

  • Employees in Superior Court, District Court, and the Sheriff’s Office 
  • Employees who are short term temporary (STT) 
  • Employees who have not worked at the county for at least 6 months prior to the survey period (for 2019, employees must have started before September 11, 2018 to be eligible). 

Electronic surveys will be delivered in batches starting March 11 with everyone having received their individual links by end of day March 12. Find out more on the Employee Survey website. 

View posters from this year’s survey below.

2 Comments on “Employee Survey launches March 11 

  1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. Having the analysis done in-house allows us to get more accurate data – we’re able to group the data by how the county is organized in real life, instead of relying on the vendor to group the data for us. The survey data is always anonymous when it reaches King County – the vendor de-identifies the data before sending it to us, so that no one (not even the survey administrators) are able to trace responses back to any individual person. There are also suppression thresholds so that data cannot be viewed in groups smaller than 6 to protect anonymity. Please reach out to kcemployeesurvey@kingcounty.gov if you have any other concerns!

  2. Not sure having the analysis done in house is an enhancement? Like the fox watching the hen house. Also does not make me fell comfortable about the survey being anonymous.