Volunteer in your community with King County 

Did you know that King County has many unique volunteer opportunities ranging from animal services to tackling climate change, and much more? Not only that, many employees can use up to three days of sick leave to give back to those causes. 

Volunteering with King County is an opportunity to give back to causes right here in your community. Volunteer opportunities include planting trees as part of King County’s effort to plant 1 Million Trees by 2020 to reduce carbon pollution; volunteering with Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) or temporarily fostering an animal, remove invasive weeds, and even volunteering with Marymoor Park during their summer concert series to help concert goers recycle, compost, and keep the venue litter-free.  

Employees covered by the Master Labor Agreement with the King County Coalition of Unions, other collective bargaining units that have ratified this option, and all non-represented employees can use up to three days of sick leave per year to volunteer with organizations that participate in the Employee Giving Program, including RASKC and King County Parks Foundation.  

This benefit makes it easier for employees to give back. 

“We are an employer that invests in our employees so that they can make a difference at work and in our communities,” Chief People Officer Whitney Abrams said. Whatever your passion, you can use this benefit to support organizations that share your passion.”  

To learn more about King County’s volunteer opportunities, how to get involved or register a nonprofit, check out the volunteer web portal.