Exec bikes Cedar River Trail, meets with employees 

King County Executive Dow Constantine recently rode 10 miles on Cedar River Trail, a 17.4-mile paved multi-use trail that runs along Cedar River from Landsburg to Lake Washington, as part of his 100 miles in 100 days through King County Parks. 

On the way back, he stopped at Cavanaugh Pond where King County staff updated him on a major floodplain project that will protect property and improve salmon habitat. 

“We are very fortunate in this region to have those kinds of resources like a regional trail network, and those who came before us had the foresight to set these resources aside, to develop them, to protect them, to maintain them,” Executive Constantine said at the trail. “So that today we can enjoy it, and [we] have an obligation, I think, to keep building on that legacy.” 

Watch the video below.