KingCare Select members: Choose your Primary Care Provider

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) can make a big difference in your health by delivering continuity of care. This means you and your PCP establish a partnership over time to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Next year, if you are enrolled in the KingCare Select medical plan, you must choose a PCP and let Regence know who you selected by calling them at 888-367-2112, visiting, or emailing

If you’re not sure which medical plan you are enrolled in, check your medical ID card or login to PeopleSoft and go to the Benefits tile.

Each person covered on KingCare Select will receive an ID card with their PCP listed. If you don’t choose a PCP, Regence will assign one to you based on providers you have seen in the past or based on where you live.

You can change your PCP at any time. 

To learn more, including how to find an in-network PCP:

For information about Open Enrollment, attend a virtual information session. Register at: Open Enrollment Education Session or Transit Open Enrollment Education session. If you can’t attend an information session, watch the Open Enrollment Overview video.

For additional information, contact the King County Benefits Team at KC Benefits or 206-684-1556.